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A “Victim” is defined by law as the person or persons who have suffered financial, 社会, psychological or physical harm as a result of a crime.  If 受害者 is a minor, this includes the legal guardian of the minor.  In the case of homicide, Victims include the decedent’s immediate family members.

Being 受害者 of a crime can be a traumatic, painful and expensive experience. The violation and intrusion often leaves Victims and their families with feelings of anger and frustration. Victims look to the criminal justice system to provide them with justice and vindication. Most have never had any experience with the courts and, 在最糟糕的时候, find themselves suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar and complex system. 这是联合国的使命 Malheur County 地方检察官’s Victim Assistance Program 确保每一位受害者都得到公平对待, respect and compassion as their case moves through the criminal justice system. Our Victim Advocates work closely with the Deputy 地方检察官s as they prosecute criminal cases on behalf of the citizens of Malheur County. We are dedicated to reducing the impact of the crime on you, 受害者, by providing the emotional and practical support you need to deal with problems resulting from victimization, and to guide and support you through the criminal justice system. 


执法部门联系后, Victim Advocates provide 24-hour on-call response for 受害者s of Domestic/Family Violence; this immediate crisis intervention service is then followed by on-going support and advocacy throughout the investigation and prosecution of the case

All Victims of crimes being prosecuted by the 地方检察官’s Office receive:

  • 关于受害者权利的信息
  • Information about how the criminal justice system works
  • Notice of court hearings, cancellations, and rescheduling for the victim/witness
  • 陪同出庭
  • Specific information and updates on the case, including case progress and disposition
  • Assistance preparing to testify as a witness at a hearing or trial
  • Assistance with preparation of a Victim Impact Statement prior to sentencing
  • Notification of suspect’s release from custody from the county jail, 监狱系统的假释通知书, 协助登记 葡萄树
  • 协助释放作为证据的财产
  • Assistance in applying for the Crime Victim Compensation Program
  • Assistance in applying for restitution from the defendant
  • 咨询来源的信息和推荐, 医疗, 法律援助, 房屋及能源服务, 支持团体, 避难所, 等.
  • 协助取得, 更新或修改限制令, 包括虐待老人限制令

除了这些服务, 受害者援助计划负责协调, facilitates and monitors a semi-monthly Victims’ Impact Panel (VIP). This is a panel of victims and community partners who come together to speak to adult offenders. 作为他们量刑后监督的一部分, these offenders are required to attend the VIP where they hear about the devastation to families, friends and communities resulting from a criminal offense.

我们的受害者辩护律师受过训练,足智多谋, 专业和不评判, and are committed to upholding the rights of 受害者.  A Victim Advocate will provide emotional support to you, 受害者, from the very first contact through the criminal justice process, 必要时,在案件处理后, until the services of the Advocate are no longer needed.


  • 为犯罪受害人提供专业辅导
  • 为犯罪受害者提供经济援助
  • Give legal advice on civil or criminal cases to crime victims


不要责怪自己. Victims are innocent people who suffer harm when someone else breaks the law. It is essential for a Victim to recognize that he or she is not at fault.

谈谈你的感受. 找一个愿意倾听的人. Victims usually do not need advice, but rather just someone with whom to talk.

不要害怕寻求外界的帮助. There are times when the healing process requires help from a professional. Clergy, counselors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists may be valuable help.

对刑事司法系统要现实一点. 该体系的某些方面可能令人恼火. 做好多次延迟的准备, 法庭日期的变化, 以及其他意想不到的事件, 而且经常如此, 发生. The legal system can be frustrating in its attempt to blindly administer justice, 极重要的目标. The process is dynamic and unfamiliar to all but those who have studied the justice system for years. It seeks to protect everyone and will accept no compromise in its efforts to be fair and to apply the rule of law, 按照正义的要求

儿童抚养服务:(541) 473-5127 To find out more about the above information or specific information regarding a case of which you are a victim or witness, 请打电话给

State Of Oregon, DOJ Crime Victims’ Services Division



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